Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ashley + Dustin (Part 2) | Destination Wedding Photography - Cancun, QR Mexico

- Ashley + Dustin | Wedding Week (Part 2) - 

Holy smokes... Exactly 30 days from coming back from Cancun, it's hard to comprehend all of the fantastic memories we shared on this trip. Going through the photos, I feel like I'm right back in the moment. 

Tears were shed. Hugs were given. Lives were touched. 

It's experiences like this that really last a lifetime. As people get busy, have families, and live their own, separate lives, it's so rare that people are able to come together and celebrate, reminisce, and reflect on the bonds shared. I'm convinced that what happened here could not have been any more perfect. 

*P.S. there's a lot of photos here... but I couldn't skimp on this blog.
"Baby I'm sorry...I'm not sorry." (Demi Lovato, songwriter, poet, philosopher)

Remember that time we broke the hotel bed? :)

What happens when your flowers get stopped at customs? D.I.Y. like a CHAMP.


Blue Steel, Totally unscripted.


The Grand at Moon Palace, Cancun, QR Mexico

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