Saturday, April 28, 2018

Bobbi + James | Proposal Photography

I've had the pleasure of knowing 'Sawyer' for over five years now, and I consider him both a great friend and a phenomenal DJ. He has shaped my definition of what being a DJ really means, and as I've grown in the wedding industry, he has been instrumental in both my development and fulfillment. Simply put, weddings are not as fun without James Sawyer (or Alex Li, as he is otherwise known). 

So the other week when I called to talk about an upcoming event that he and I were going to work together, I was excited when he told me about his 'big plan'. He and his girlfriend, Bobbi, had been dating for some time and I'd often heard about this fabulous lady who had changed his life for the better. Now he was ready to pop that all-important question, and he asked me to help him with his grand vision. 

Ever the creative, Sawyer drew up his plan for April 15, 2018. He told Bobbi that he was working a Sunday event at 1316 Jones, a fantastic venue filled with Old Market character. Unbeknownst to Bobbi, however, it would be an event Sawyer had never done before.

One thing that I've always known about James is his commitment to family. In his proposal, family was the essential component. On one hand, he wanted to celebrate this with his Complete family, a tight-knit circle of individuals that have both supported him through his impressive career as a DJ and as one of Complete's most requested and highly-rated entertainers. On the other hand, James wanted his and Bobbi's family to stand witness of his momentous event. However, he wanted this to be a surprise... 


After everyone had arrived, James thanked everyone for coming, and then made the call to Bobbi. He frantically told her that he had left his laptop at home and that he had no music for his event! If she didn't come quickly, his entire event would be a bust.

Everything and everyone was ready for Bobbi to arrive... now it was just a waiting game.

After what seemed liked forever, Bobbi arrived, nervous that she was in charge of making sure Sawyer's event would run smoothly. Quickly, she rushed from her car to join him inside.

As she walked in, Sawyer announced her arrival over the microphone, ecstatically saying that she had saved the day! In the back of her mind, Bobbi wondered why he had to publicize the fact that she had arrived. Sawyer led Bobbi to a space in the entryway to the reception hall that had flower petals placed in the shape of a heart. There he stopped, and faced Bobbi...

After saying a few words, Sawyer asked Bobbi's son Jaxon to join him. 
"Will you let me marry your mom?"

Congratulations on your engagement, Bobbi and James!

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