Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hawaii Family Photography | Jeidence Angeline

As we get older, birthdays turn into numbers, parties become morning coffee breaks and presents are nothing more than household appliances and necessities. Don't you remember when you couldn't wait to open your presents or to go to school and have everyone sing to you on your special day? For her daughter's eight-year birthday party, fellow portrait photographyer Joycelyn Cabal really wanted to go above and beyond her daughter Jeidence's expectations. We started out with a whimsical photoshoot at a friend's barn - pastures, meadows, flowers, you know... nice, but not earth-shattering. What does every girl want for her birthday or Christmas, though? It's majestic, it has four legs and everyone has dreamt of riding of into the sunset on it. What is it? You guessed it.

Just when Jeidence was thinking there was nothing more to this photoshoot, out trotted a beautiful pony, adorned with sparkles and pink tassels. Jeidence smiled from ear to ear in disbelief that her very own pony was standing right before her very eyes. The pony, 'Sunshine Sparkle' (his actual name was Willy Boy, but he agreed to expose his feminine side for today's shoot), was exactly what Jeidence had imagined from her favorite show My Little Pony.

After we were finally able to get Jeidence down from Sunshine Sparkle, we all sat down for a celebratory pizza dinner - the perfect way to end an eight year old's birthday. When I asked Jeidence what she thought of her decked-out-pony-present, she replied, "I felt just like a princess! Did you see me riding Sunshine Sparkle? It was so cool!" As I write this blog, I can't stop smiling when I think of the joy on Jeidence's face. Happy birthday, Jeidence! Don't ever forget that even as you grow older, dreams really do come true.

Photography: Ryan Yamada, R. Yamada Photography

Location: Tavares Ranch - Hilo, HI
Flowers: Kammy's Flower Shop - Hilo, HI
Concept & Design: Joycelyn Cabal of Jei Angel Photography
Horse: 'Sunshine Sparkle' Willy Boy