Monday, October 22, 2012

Brooke and Brent

 Brent and Brooke Hilgenkamp
Married October 20th, 2012
- Normally as the days of October pass, Omahaians are used to experiencing both the falling of colorful leaves and the dramatic fall of temperatures.When meeting with this couple for the first time on a cold, rainy Wednesday, we weren't all that optimistic about being able to take pictures outside.  However, for some odd reason, the skies cleared this weekend we were blessed with some beautiful weather! Taking full-advantage of this opportunity, we tried to make use of such a rarity.
- Outside of the church were these simple, brown tables. I thought they'd provide a nice surface for my ring shot -

- This group of guys were really easy to get along and work with -

 - We tried to vary the heights up a little in this one -

 Me: "Any other ideas guys?"
Reply: "Let's make a peacock!"
Well... I guess it was appropriate for the peacock theme. I highly doubt that I'll be seeing this pose again, haha!

 - The girls and their purple dresses really contrasted the fall leaves nicely 

- Being sassy was Brooke's forte pose -

- One of my favorite bridal portraits to date. Brooke really did look stunning! -
- Pastor Leroy was one of the most entertaining pastors I have had the pleasure of meeting. I'll be looking forward to seeing him again in a couple weeks! -

- Simple decorations of the church made for a very classy look -

- We had time to do some fun post-ceremony pictures -

- Ain't no thang, #studstatus -

- The guys won't live this one down for awhile, but Brooke loved it -
- A fun outside shot before we left the church -
- Simple elegance -

 - The feathers were a nice touch, I thought. Check out the bottom of those glasses, btw! -
- Brooke didn't feel like waiting for Brent on this one. Hydration is imperative at events such as these! -

- All smiles during the first dance -

- Bouquet toss, Garter toss... CANDY TOSS!?!?!?! What a great idea! It was a mad house -
- Yah, it's a guy thing -

- How a wedding should look like -

- I was really surprised I was able to catch this shot! -

- Having a grand 'ol time -

Sunday, October 14, 2012

John and Megan

-John and Megan McNeal -
- I had the pleasure of doing John and Megan's engagement photoshoot back in May, and from that we were really able to build a great friendship. Getting a solid client-photographer relationship is really important because it not only gets the couple more comfortable in front of a camera, but it allows us to figure out the couple's preferences. Both of them have since been great supporters of my work and having been following me in excitement up to their big day. I hope the photo's don't disappoint! -

 - The ring bearer's pillow -

- A modified 'Rule of Thirds' -

- Looking on -

- Unity candle -

- Bubbles! -

- The guys in the trolley - 

- The girls and their stud; he didn't get it now, but I told him he'd appreciate this later! -

- Morning wedding = Mimosas! -

- Woo-hoooooo! -

- The girls -

- John definitely looked handsome in his suit! -

- The whole gang at Midtown -

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Amanda and Steve Married

Steve and Amanda
One of my favorite weddings to date! Their personalities were extremely fun and easy to work with and their wedding was never dull for a single moment. Keep reading!

- Ring shot - I really liked the design on Steve's ring. It made me think of the LOTR and the upcoming 'Hobbit' movie -

- Their colors were purple and black... -

- But that didn't stop Amanda's bouquet from being extremely colorful as well! Now that I look back on the orange, purples and blacks, I should have noticed a distinct Halloween color-theme going on. Keep reading to see what I mean -

 - A couple of laughs during the ceremony-

- First Kiss -

- The Pattrin family; It was VERY chilly outside at a breezy 45-degrees. Luckily we were efficient and were able to knock out all the family/group pictures in under 20 minutes! Alcohol and food always warms the blood! -
- Inside the reception hall was a small room off to the side called the Harth Room. There were these odd, donut-shaped tables/foot rests that we decided to use for a fun family portrait -
- Our master of ceremonies - this is what I was talking about for our 'Halloween-theme' -

- The show came with a group of dancers who did a ghoulish routine that combined a spiritual type of dancing with Tahitian (?). It was really interesting and the dancers even started pulling up random members of the audience to participate -

- Amanda was getting into the scaring spirit, get ready kids! -

- The dancers, the doctor, and the darling couple -

- Tell me this isn't the coolest cake you've ever seen! From the time I was a kid, I was surrounded by tons of airplane stuff because of my dad (Yes, Top Gun was a childhood favorite). So when I saw this P-51 Mustang, I was STOKED! -

- Amanda, getting a little excited about the cake cutting -

- Time to dance! and you don't have to tell these girls -

- How a wedding should be -

- The happy couple -
- One of my creative shots of the night. Steve and Amanda were thrilled when they saw the results! -
Steve and Amanda Pattrin
- This pretty much sums it all up -