Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Omaha Engagement Photography | Setting the Right Atmosphere for Your Engagement Photos

When approaching an Engagement photoshoot, many couples find themselves confused in the thought and preparation required to set the right atmosphere. Prior to the session, I often meet with clients and pose a few simple questions to determine the type of picture that best matches the personality of the couple.

1) What type of backdrop do you envision the shoot having?

Some clients are looking for a more rustic, urban photoshoot in the city while others would prefer a carefree shoot in the meadow. In each of those locations, the colors, lighting and mood of the scene lend to a different type of image.

2) What type of wardrobe do you think you'd be wearing?

For the majority of guys, the answer is relatively simple - "ummm... jeans and a collared shirt?"
However, for the bride-to-be, this answer is much more complex. Will you be trying to portray a light, easy-going atmosphere with a bright colored summer dress or are you the type of girl who'd prefer high-heels and a sassy black dress? Thinking about this detail will also relate back to the backdrop you'd like to be in.

3) Do you want to incorporate props or other items for your photoshoot?

Tailoring each engagement shoot to the couple's personality is one of the most important characteristics of a quality shoot. One couple who I just met with this weekend talked about their Boston sports team pride and how we might use some Red Sox apparel to stage the 'Save the Date' shot. Another couple a few weeks back really liked the turn-of-the-century Romantic mindset and therefore wanted a specific location for a more rustic appeal. Props and other carefully thought out items are a great way to be unique. Nonetheless, ensuring that your ideas are really you (and not just something you thought was cool on Instagram or Pinterest) are what will truly make your engagement photos stand out. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Omaha Engagement Photography | Christian and Audrey Engagement

- Christian and Audrey -
In the world of go-go-go, some people prefer instant, single-packaged coffee for its convenience. But others with a more sophisticated palate appreciate the flavor and value that a slow-roasted, freshly ground, French pressed cup can deliver. Christian and Audrey are the latter. From our first meeting, both Christian and Audrey agreed that they wanted something more from their engagement shoot.
Inspired by the style and grandiose of the Moulin Rouge and other turn-of-the-century attitudes, we went about creating the ambiance in the beautiful Art Deco Durham Train Station.

Surprisingly it was a pleasant 50-degrees out, so we decided to finish the shoot at our secondary location. It may not be the place that most would take their clients, but for Christian and Audrey, the backdrop was perfect.

Photographer: Ryan Yamada, Omaha Wedding Photographer
Assistant: Jasmine Jou
Location: Omaha, NE, Durham Museum
Please enjoy this Omaha Engagement Photography from Ryan Yamada, photographer for Complete Music/Video/Photo, proudly offering Omaha Wedding Photography to the Omaha metro and surrounding areas.
Omaha Wedding Photographer Ryan Yamada brings with him a care-free, relaxed atmosphere with exemplary service and exceptional images unique to the Omaha area.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eddie Bravo Seminar

Last weekend we were honored to host the seminar of a Jiu-jitsu legend - 10th Planet founder Eddie Bravo. Bravo's unorthodox, but dangerous 'Rubber Guard' system is one of the 10th Planet unique trademarks and has become very popular within the last couple years.

In this seminar, we first began with a kumite - a traditional 8-man tournament in a submission-only format. I had some great rolls with Avery Stebbins and a crazy over-time match with Cody Kietzman Congrats Brian Locke on the kumite victory! Saturday's seminar brought about some new high-level techniques and a few promotions. Congratulations to Josh and Brandon on their Blue Belts and Lon on his well-deserved 'Lilac' Purple Belt. You all deserve it!