Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Louderback Family | Family Lifestyle + Portraiture

- Louderback Family | Family Portraiture Session -

Out of the many wonderful things that being a wedding photographer has given me, I feel so very fortunate for the individuals who have continued to allow me to be apart of their lives. Brett and Jelena are two friends who are my shining examples...

Four years ago I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding at the beautiful Joslyn Art Museum. I got nothing but good vibes from both of these wonderful people and throughout the years, I've been blessed to run into them at the randomest of places where our friendship has continued. I also have to thank Mr. Zuckerberg for helping us all stay connected in the meanwhile.

Speaking of catching up with Brett and Jelena, I also got to meet their two daughters, Milly and Ema, for the first time. Jelena had been pregnant with Milly when we had first met and now this big girl was already four! Wow, how time flies! When I came over, Jelena said, "Milly, do you know that picture of Mommy and Daddy in our bedroom? He's the one that took that!" I've heard a lot of things, but that one totally made me blush. 

Milly has the most charismatic laugh. You couldn't have asked for an easier model to work with! She loves bunnies, but not as much as the color blue, and she's great at making animal noises.

Ema has this way of peering into your soul. I have a feeling that she's going to be an empath and a quiet thinker. Her curious eyes looked right back through my lens and communicated with me in a unique way... 

I really loved their dark blue wall filled with chalkboards. When asked what they were for, Brett told me they were all the things they were grateful for. After they filled one up, they decided to add another and another, and before long wah-lah! Pretty clever right?

It's no secret that I'm in love with Mulhall's (thanks for letting me steal your spot Katie Hammond!), and each time I go there it's a completely different experience. The lush green plants that go on for days + the perfectly diffused light from above makes this place absolutely ideal. Aside from de-fogging my lens every five minutes, this is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

I loved watching the Milly and Ema explore. Here, Milly and I did our version of Jurassic Park, filled, of course, with lots of sound effects. Especially with photographing children, I love being able to observe them interacting with their environment. Kids are naturally so curious and everything they find can be a new and novel adventure.

Those hanging planters... love it.

These were for Milly... blue is her favorite, and don't you forget that.

All credit for this clean, attractive background goes to Jelena! Ever-stylish and an artist herself, she suggested we give this angle a try. It was perfect.

We had to finish our photo session with the colorful umbrellas. As you can tell, Milly was pretty excited...

Louderback Family, thank you for letting me be a part of your life. It's because of people like you that makes an island boy so far from home feel that he's right where he belongs. I'm excited for your futures and for the next chapter in your lives.