Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Omaha Wedding Photography | Erin and Jesse Married!

Before we begin, I'd like to apologize for one of the longest wedding-blogs to date - 66 images! I used to try and keep it around 25 or so, but narrowing them down became so difficult that I just posted all of my favorites... all 66 of them. In any case, enough about me - let's talk about Erin and Jesse's wedding!

Erin and Jesse's choice in wedding decor couldn't have been a better choice to describe both their individual personalities and their relationship together - Burlap and Baby's Breath.

When Erin first started getting into her dress at the beginning of the day, she laughed when I asked if Jesse was the suit-and-tie type of guy. "He rarely dresses up," she replied with a smile, "but when he does, he cleans up pretty nicely." Farmer Jesse, as he is sometimes referred to, is the Burlap - strong and dependable, but also simple and earthy.

Erin, of course, is the Baby's Breath. As she entered the church to a standing congregation of family and friends, no one could help but feel her radiance. Many, including Jesse, were moved to tears. Stunning. Elegant. Heaven-sent.

Burlap and Baby's Breath. Together, they represent the blending of complete opposites to create one of the most beautiful and timeless harmonies. Congratulations, Erin and Jesse, and may your lives continue to be blessed for years to come!

Photographer: Ryan Yamada, Omaha Wedding Photography

Location: Omaha, NE
Ceremony - Harrison Baptist Church - La Vista, NE
Reception - Liberty Social Hall - La Vista, NE
Photography: Ryan Yamada, Complete MVP
DJ: Tommy 'Big Tom' Brandon, Complete MVP

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