Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Omaha Engagement Photography | Brittany and Matt

When Matt first asked Brittany out on a date, her answer was No - just having moved to a new city, she didn't want to get 'stuck' with some guy, and thus, Matt was out of luck... at first.

When Matt asked Brittany out the second time, her answer was No - she didn't want to date someone who she worked with... that would be weird.

When Matt asked Brittany out for the (third, fourth, fifth, sixth?) time, Brittany finally said Yes and quickly fell in love with his boyish charm, glistening smile, and (of-course) his muscular frame. 

In the end, Brittany did get 'stuck' with some guy in the new city she moved to, and she did end up dating someone she worked with, but sometimes the best things in life just require a little persistence and patience. From ice cream to water fountains, check out more from Brittany and Matt's engagement session downtown in the Old Market. 

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